Tom McGlinn, who started GreenFlashFilm, is a Yachtmaster who grew up on Nantucket Island, off the East Coast of the US, and spent a lot of time operating boats on waters other than Nantucket’s. Additionally, he studied photography, and built and maintained darkrooms when and where he could, concentrating, for years, on black & white, available light subjects. Eventually, the two interests combined, and he was asked to produce a local television show called "Watertopics 101" for Nantucket's Channel 3, and he was also asked to write a weekly newspaper column, with photographs, about boats, called "On the Water," for a paper called "The Nantucket Beacon," and later, a similar column for another local paper, "The Inquirer & Mirror."

Tom says, "Sometimes I could combine all three jobs into one session. When the stars were lined up right, I would drag cameras, a tripod, mics, and a couple of folding chairs down to the dock to where my TV interview subject was waiting, and set up. Initially, I had no help, so I had to do everything myself! I'd put the camera on the tripod, aimed at the two chairs. I'd put the interviewee in one chair (always the left chair, for some reason), turn on the camera, walk into the shot, sit down, and do the interview, and include commercials, spoken to the camera. When the 15 minute interview was over, I'd wave to the camera, say "See you next week!" and get up and turn off the camera. Back at the studio, the wave was the signal to "fade out," and go on to the next show. I would then thank the subject, and shoot B&W stills for the paper. Back home I would write a column on the subject, able to review the video if I needed to get quotes right. It didn't happen all the time, that I could include video, still photography, and writing, all at once, on one subject, but it was great when it happened!"

Over time, with more equipment, and "shooting everything that moved" on the island, from weddings to meetings, in addition to working on lighting, or as a grip, or sound, or a cameraman, on any cable production that came to the island, Tom started to produce his own, short videos. Then came numerous workshops at Maine Media Workshops, dealing with Interviews, Documentary Production, and Editing, to name a few.

GreenFlashFilm carries on, "a small multimedia outfit specializing in documentaries," particularly enjoying those times when still photography, video, and writing all come together in one project!